Tuesday, May 19, 2009

As much as I love reading books to get my information I would be cheating myself by not diving into the world on the net and the plethora of sites on photography. Problem is there are so many great sites it begins a daily ritual of setting some time aside to read up on it. The light at the end of the photographic tunnel is as I learn more I can specialize my learning. At first, being wet behind the ears, I read and looked up everything. I still glance at all the sites, but I am able to be more selective. Not only sites but with Itunes and their podcasts, either with or without video I have learned a ton to supplement my book reading or on its own.

Where did I go to for such insight? A whole lot. I will list them here breaking up between sites and podcasts and why I check them out and continue to do so. Not every post of mine is going to include lists, but since this particular one and the one before it warrant the use I am going to do it.

A little side note. I had the luck or destiney to reallly commit myself to photography near Christmas. Most sites usually have a top 10, 20, 100 lists, and a few had a top photography sites list. That's how I got started roaming around.


www.cameradojo.com Run by Kerry Garrison, great wealth of info of all aspects of photography, they do tend to focus on wedding photography since that is his business.

www.digitalprotalk.blogspot.com Run by David Ziser a giant in the field of wedding Photography and photography in general. The guy is also a prolific blogger, he blogs mon thru fri on different topics on top of his demanding schedule.

www.strobist.blogspot.com a site for those looking to get a real grip on lighting especially off camera lighting.

www.digitalweddingforum.com a GREAT site for the those looking to be in a wedding photography community. It costs to join but if miniscule.

www.kelbytraining.com Another fantastic site not only dedicated to photoshop and the such but photography, lighting. Cost about 20/month or 200/yr unless you are a member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) then there is a discount.

www.twipphoto.com A site with info on topical areas of photograpy.


Photoshopuser TV a weekly podcast on photoshop

Cameradojo The podcast for the above site

TWIP again the podcast of the above site.

There are others, but I will more in likely speak of them as I write my Journey. Plus it will let my readers search on their own for sources of information.

Well now I have books, sites, podcasts, time to get the equipment I will need together to make the most of this art form, and in the next read I will look into what I am after. Until then keep your dreams alive and keep squinting....