Thursday, March 26, 2009

Books books books!!!!

Okay so I have the desire, a plan, and vision, but how the hell do you make this thing work?!
I decided to get a list of books I thought would benefit me. I divided them into three areas: General photography, post production, and specifically wedding photography. The way I see it the books would cover a strong foundation of what I needed to learn. From the vary basics of how to operate the camera, to the use of light, to the gear I would need, to how to tweak all of this in the computer. Not only that but I needed to dive into the world of wedding photography and all that it entails.
Glancing towards Amazon I typed in digital photography as I said and with some tweaking got a list. The first couple books that came to my interest were The Digital Photography Book, by Scott Kelby, Vol I and II. It was what I needed to dive in. Let me preface this in that obviously being a nobody to no one (for now) I am not getting any kickbacks for mentioning the books, I got.
The Kelby Books were affordable so I got them. I loved the layout of the books Pretty much divided on a single topic per page with a picture to accompany it. I was starting to get an understanding now of what my camera could do, and could not do. I couldn't wait to get the other books I wanted. The Kelby books are great, you ask what time it is and he tells you 3:00 p.m. Doesn't go too much into the how, just what does what. His technique is to describe to you as he would a friend out and about on a shoot. You want a shallow depth of field, get a telephoto lens set it to a high aperture and shoot, not the technical side of why F2.8 works with the ambient light, etc. It was great. I am, however, a person who when asks what time is it I want you to open the watch up and tell me what spring does what and why. The other books would do that, and Kelby acknowledges this in his books, you want springs, I'll give you some leads, but its 3:00 p.m.
There is a certain mischievous person living in potato land. I had told him my goals, dreams, and he was and is very supportive. I explained, as I found out through the books, that my lil rebel and pop up flash wasn't going to cut it (I actually figured that out before, but was confirmed). That I needed to get a list of equipment together, but that in the meantime I wanted to get a set of books that I could read to get a strong basis in. Then anything new or current I could learn from the websites, podcasts, and forums I go to everyday. He wanted to know the list so I gave it to him, and it was this,
Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson
Light: Science and Magic by Fil Hunter, Steven Biver, and Paul Fuqua
Master Lighting Guide by Christopher Grey
Post Production:
Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby
The Adobe Photoshop CS4 book for Digital photographer's by Scott Kelby
The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book by Martin Evening
Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers by Martin Evening
Wedding Photography:
Step by Step Wedding Photography by Damon Tucci
The Best of Wedding Photojournalism by Bill Hurter
The Complete Guide to Professional Wedding Photography by Damien Lovegrove
Digital Wedding Photography by Glen Johnson
Fast Track Photograher by Dane Sanders.

Which is the list of books I still have and are still reading, some twice now. How is this possible? Well Mr. Potato Head wasn't just showing good interest in my chosen craft, he wanted to help out and has to the tenth degree, and one day I got a delivery. I love all the books I have been given, to me they are treasures, they show a little different aspect to what I want to learn, and learning I am.
The only problem with getting all the books at once is I became a clinical case of ADD. I was jumping from book to book, too excited to read one for too long.
So now that I have the books, what's next? Learn from them, and share. Next update will be the other side of my learning ways the websites, podcasts, and forums I visit to get info, inspiration, and direction. After that will be the equipment list I had gotten together. I must excuse myself now, a couple of the above mentioned are calling to me. Until next time, keep squinting!

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